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St. Philip's Episcopal School seeks to foster growth in scholarship, character, and spiritual formation through a challenging academic environment & nurturing Christian atmosphere.


St. Philip's School is governed by a board, comprised of representatives of the church vestry, the local community, school parents, and members of the church with a special interest in education. The Rector serves on the school board and is the chaplain of the school, and the Head of School serves as a non-voting member. 


Mr. Robert Nollen II (President, Parent)        
Mr. Sterling Smith (Vice President, Parent)
Mr. Nick Ottensman (Treasurer, Parent)
Dr. Jerica Thoms (Secretary, Parent)
Fr. Andrew Green (Rector)
Mr. Hal Blethroad (Senior Warden)
Mrs. Anna Eeds (Parent)
Dr. Kayla Jones (Parent)
Dr. Dhaval Patel (Community Member)
Mrs. Magdalena Blethroad (Church Member)
Mrs. Lucia Amaral (Grandparent)
Mr. Alan Lenz (Head of School)
The School Board is responsible for setting up policies for the school.  They meet once monthly, on the fourth Monday of each month, and whenever special meetings are needed.  The day-to-day administration of the school is the responsibility of the Head of School.