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Academic discovery in the framework of faith

3rd Grade

Teacher - Shrisse Bozant

In grade three students are instructed through the Open Court Program which teaches the students to read and write critically by exposing them to well-crafted literature and guiding them to express their own thoughts clearly in written form.   Comprehension strategies and vocabulary building are important within the third grade curriculum.   Students begin to study the elements of good writing and practice extensively by writing narrative and expository text and be able to write and share their responses to literature.    Third grade math is taught through the Saxon math Program.  The program continues to extend and review addition and subtraction problems with increased attention given to learning multiplication and long division.   Students are encouraged to practice and commit the facts to memory.   All math concepts are taught and extended with rigor and depth.   Science in third grade is taught through a pull out program where students implement investigations using the scientific processes including inquiry methods, analyzing information, making informed decisions and using tools to collect and record information.  Students must be able to defend their findings either in written form of in verbal discussions.  The Social Studies focuses on different regions of our county, highlighting the people, history, products and land of each region.  Students learn about the lives of heroic men and women who made important choices, overcame obstacles, sacrifices for the betterment of others and embarked on journeys that resulted in new ideas, new inventions, new technology and new communities.