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The Spanish Language at St. Philips:

The central philosophy around our Spanish curriculum here at St. Philip’s is the desire to offer our students TWO things: the first being a positive foreign language experience. The second, a solid grasp of the language – which COMPLETELY depends on their positive experience in class. The Sonrisas Spanish curriculum opens the students to the sounds, songs, stories, culture and the people of the Spanish language. Encouraging a deeper understanding of the Spanish language.

Sonrisas provides teachers with complete sets of lessons which are all accompanied with an art activity, songs and literature. These lessons are easily adapted to any age and are designed in a repetitious and spiraling manner allowing for maximum comprehension and development of the language. Our end goal is for the class to be able to spend 90% of the class time speaking and understanding Spanish in addition to enjoying their class time.

We realize that learning a second language is a long term journey but we hope that we can light a fire of interest in the Spanish language for our students. We are confident in our students and their abilities and we have loved watching them become bi-lingual kids!