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Academic discovery in the framework of faith

6th Grade

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The sixth grade reading /language arts curriculum is taught through the Open court Program.   This program is intent on developing a lifelong love of reading and writing.  At this stage in their career as learner’s students begin to apply the strategies of reading as well as literary techniques (tone, foreshadowing, flashback etc …) to become strong independent readers.   Students also grow in their ability to practice a variety of writing as well as organize and edit their compositions over the year.    Math in sixth grade continues with the Saxon Math Program, which moves to a more abstract teaching of algebraic concepts.  Students continue to study, review and strengthen the basic operations of math.   Probability, interpretation of Venn diagrams and the fairness of games are investigated.  The process for solving one step algebraic equations is introduced along with using rates and proportions to solve for missing values.  Students use math vocabulary to express themselves and interpret new concepts covered throughout the year.   Science is taught by using hands on approach and is a lab-project based learning experience.   Students conduct experiments, collect and analyze data, create models, apply basic engineering principles and read to analyze information while utilizing the scientific method.     Social Studies will teach students about World History.   The curriculum develops the awareness of the essence of civilizations; how they develop, endure and collapse.  Students begin to understand how geography influences societal development and they extract historical information from primary sources including art and architecture.  Students’ critical thinking skills, including analysis, synthesis and evaluation are engaged through various creative endeavors.  Long term assignments hone student’s time management skills.