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Academic discovery in the framework of faith

2nd Grade

Teacher -Adelfa Castaneda        

In second grade students begin to make the transition from “learning to read to reading to learn”.   Students are taught through the Open Court Program where reading, writing and word study are integrated through- out the program.    Students practice applying comprehension reading strategies by reading and writing and exploring mentor test, fairy tales, fiction, non-fiction, poetry and biographies.  Students are encouraged to read independently and join literature circles to strengthen fluency and share their thoughts and perspective on a literature piece.   Second grade math is taught through the Saxon Math Program where math skills and content focus on developing an understanding of numbers and numeration, operations and computation, making reasonable estimates, data and chance, geometry, measurement and reference frames, patterning and algebra.   Students use a combination of reading analysis and application through-out the program.   Rigor is built into the program by using additional supplemental material.  Science is taught through a pull out program where the teaching focuses on a central theme of study where students are encouraged to carefully observe and describe the world around them by using their senses, observe and analyze information as they conduct their own experiments utilizing the scientific method.  In Social Studies students will focus on the study of their local community by examining the impact of significant individuals and events in the history of the community, state and nation.