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Academic discovery in the framework of faith


Preschool Teachers:  Marcie Martinez

                                       Kati Seibel

                                       Diana Paiz


The DLM Preschool Curriculum starts early learners on the right track.  This is a comprehensive child centered curriculum with strong teacher support and links instruction to the following content:  Literacy, Science, Fine Arts, Math, Social Studies, Health and Safety, Physical Development, Personal Development and Technology.  Children develop literacy skill for reading through exposure to multiple read-aloud selections each day and through daily phonological awareness and letter recognition activities.   All lessons focus on language acquisition which includes oral language development and vocabulary activities. The math is designed to develop children’s early mathematical knowledge through various individual and group activities.   Writing is encouraged through activities and during center time.  Social Emotional Development is addressed daily through activities that allow children to develop school language, rules and routines.   Science and Social Studies are taught through strategically designed activities weekly.    Our goal is to prepare and nurture the children to develop a love for learning and school.