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Academic discovery in the framework of faith


Teacher:            Susan Crumrine

At St. Philip’s Episcopal School, we are a Christian based school, with music being both Sacred and Secular.  That being said, we sing a lot of songs that are stories or celebrations about the Bible.  Students sing these songs daily in morning Chapel.  This also lends to assist teaching about manners, character and love of our neighbors, which is a simple, yet POWERFUL song belt for the kids to wear.  Students are empowered by these songs to help them remember what God would have them do.

Each month is themed with curriculum that is also based on Public School Curriculum.  We learn about BEAT, music reading, notes and  dynamic markings, Holiday themed music, instruments in the orchestra, folk music, patriotic music, popular music and nursery rhyme songs.  Our curriculum, for the elementary level, has a music book, Spotlight on Music.  Second Grade thru sixth grade use this for mastering musical notation, and reading written music. 

We have two concerts each year, one at Christmas time and one in the Spring.  These are divided up into two levels, preschool through prekindergarten and kindergarten through sixth grade. 

We have a concert choir that performs in the front of chapel each morning, leading students in the singing.  This group of third thru sixth grade are also our traveling concert group, performing for nursing homes, banks, civic organizations and clubs.  They are well respected for their performance and showmanship. This is also a great opportunity for the students to give back to their community.

We have classroom instruments that students accompany many songs by playing and or marching with. Scarves and bean bags give students opportunities to create movement and develop motor skills.   Younger students have costumes that they can wear while sing and  act out books that they read, telling stories with their actions. Imagination can take us many places and give us many adventures.

Students are not held back from acting like kids, these memories will be with them throughout their lifetime.