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Academic discovery in the framework of faith


Teacher -

Ernestina Gonzales

Vanessa Jones

In Kindergarten we utilize a balanced approach to help children see themselves as readers and writers and to practice those skills at their own instructional level.   Through the Open Court Program instruction will include the systematic teaching of sounds (Phonics) to decode words as a process to acquire the necessary tools to become fluent readers.  Students experience reading and writing activities that build vocabulary, comprehension strategies and sight word recognition.  Daily writing allows student to enjoy writing and creating stories.   Math concepts are taught through the Saxon Math Program.   Exposure to basic math concepts such as counting by 1’s, 2’s, 5’x and 10’s, estimating, comparing numbers (equal to, greater than, less than)  reading and writing number to 1, 000, solving 1 digit addition and subtraction problems, probability and measuring are also taught along with many other concepts.  The Kindergarten students also participate in a pull out Science program that allows students to in hands on approach to learning.    The inquiry method of learning allows students to develop an understanding of scientific process and concepts.  Social Studies teaches student’s about relationships with friends, family and their neighborhood and communities and the world around them.

Kindergarten class listening to a story from a special guest!