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Academic discovery in the framework of faith

1st Grade

Teacher - Cynthia Martin

First grade is an exciting time when students become more independent in their learning in all subject areas.   The Open Court Program balances systematic skill instruction, phonics and vocabulary development with extensive reading and comprehension of predictable, patterned text and quality literature with a variety of forms and genre.   Emphasis is placed on reading an rereading for understanding, making text connections and inferencing and understanding story elements.  Written and spoken language is developed daily through purposeful activities designed to allow teacher modeling, collaboration between partners and celebrations of sharing written work.    Teaching of math concepts continues through the Saxon Math Program.  Students develop understanding of place value, time, money, graphing, estimation and probability.   Activities are designed for learning through a hands on approach as students investigate each concept.  Science in first grade engages students in the investigation of scientific concepts.   A central theme in first grade science is active engagement in asking questions, communicating ideas, and exploring with scientific tools in order to explain scientific concepts.   Social Studies provides student’s with insight into their communities and helps them make connections to the larger world through literature and biographies. They focus on where people live and how communities are alike and different, the importance of the earth’s resources and how basic economic concepts influence the American people and identify us as a nation.