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Academic discovery in the framework of faith

5th Grade

Teacher - Lisa Blanton

Fifth grade language arts and reading encourages students to explore novels, biographies and poetry through critical thought analysis and the understanding of literary and poetic devices.   The Open Court Program focuses on teaching the reading strategies so students learn how to make effective inferences, predicting, summarizing and the understanding of character motivation and mental images.  Writing focuses on explicit grammar instruction revolving around the 8 parts of speech, sentence construction and comma rules and proper use of phrase and clause.   There is a concentration on writer organization, paragraph writing and multi-paragraph writing, editing and revising.   Fifth grade math is taught with the Saxon math program where fifth graders are expected to use addition, subtraction, multiplication and division efficiently and accurately.   Students develop problem solving and logic to develop and apply critical thinking skills.  Students are expected to verbalize and record their mathematical processes and thinking.    Fifth grade science is taught through a pull out program where students apply scientific thinking and investigations to allow them to discover their natural world.  Experiments are conducted by the students, data collected and recorded and results are defended by each individual.   Social Studies in fifth grade explore the history and development of the United States of America.   The curriculum,   “Why America is Free” makes history come alive for the students by allowing them to experience the growth of America through videos, actual artifacts and presentations.  Through -out the year students learn research skills, discernment strategies, economic decision making and examine positive character traits.