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Academic discovery in the framework of faith

Computers & Technology

Teacher: Barbara Dowd

In computer class many of the students are fluent with technology, entering the computer, they are introduced to mouse maneuvering and how to maneuver within various programs, and web based programs. Our learning programs for the Preschool through Prekindergarten class are game based to reinforce the learning of letters, numbers, colors and shapes, a few of the programs allow them to practice beginning reading skills.

As students enter kindergarten, they begin to wing away from game playing and are introduced to the world of technology.    They begin learning how to maneuver around different windows and how to open and close windows and programs.   They will learn keyboarding, word processing and internet

manipulation.  They are also introduced to a few of our Paint programs and begin working with digital pictures.

In 2nd through 6th grade students  are introduced to new material. We begin working on the networking part of the internet, learning appropriate avenues to research on the internet.    We give students the experience of exploring HTML, networking, paint programs and photo shopping.   Each year we take the opportunity to introduce them to a new subject. Next year the curriculum will include Coding,   as we continue to strive to expand their knowledge.