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Academic discovery in the framework of faith


Teachers:                         K-6 Nancy Walpole

Students are introduced to the elements of art and the principles of design.  Students are shown varieties of artist style and techniques.  Their lesson are scaled to their grade level to learn a sampling of art from Pop art to Realistic Painting, Impressionism to Pointillism. 

Students design, describe and create masterpieces that represent each lesson, with a project going home most every week.

Students use many mediums:  chalk, crayons, pencils, oil pastels, charcoal, clay,  paper, tissue, junk, fruits and vegetables, foil, cotton balls, paper plates, cups, q tips and so many other kinds of FOUND materials. 

Upper grades (1-6) have an hour lesson each week.  Younger classes (PreK-K) get 30 minute lessons once a week.

Creativity allows students to express themselves, showing their unique interpretation of how THEY see things.  Many times, we are made to conform to a pass or fail system, art and music are participated activities where you do your BEST!